Hollytree Country Club - Liars, Crooks, and Theives

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If you are considering joining this club or are a current member, you need to know who you are dealing with. Hollytree Country Club owed me money and I had to sue them to try and get them to pay up. Smith County tax documents show this club is owned by EASTERN HOLLYTREE CLUB, LP, / CHRIS COOPER and REINER BRASCH. Represented by attorney CRAIG ZIPPS who said they meant to pay but it just “fell through the cracks.” GM Trent Shrek and membership director Casey Dirksen signed a document stating they would pay up but they LIED.

This saga has been going on since February 2012. Now I have an Abstract of Judgment and a Writ of Execution. Go to this link for Smith County civil case search: http://judicial.smith-county.com/JPSearch/jpcivfrm and type in Cause number: SC12-0939JP2.

Of course they tried to intimidate me by filling a countersuit, SC12-0954JP2, of which they received a take nothing judgment.If you are looking for a club with honest people try The Cascades: http://www.cascadesoftexas.com/

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